Aaura Buildcon

Building homes, educational and commercial centers with equal expertise, Aaura Buildcon has emerged as a notable name in the real estate sector. The company owes its success to its passion for quality and adherence to deliver upon expected levels time to time. As a principle, price is never substituted for quality, customer's suggestions and opinions are included in decision-making with structuring their dreams and work is always performed as a strong team.

We believe the only way to ensure customer satisfaction is to deliver what your have promised. This belief has led us to deliver premium and luxurious dream projects, plush homes and commercial spaces spot on schedule. We’ve also devoted attention to improving back end services with the result that our suppliers and contractors are well in line with our uncompromising stance on quality.

The eco-centricity of our enterprise is evident in every aspect of the structure we create. From the blue-print which always allots adequate space to open green spaces, to the structures we build. In a bid to give back something to nature in return for what has been borrowed, we’ve planted trees surroundings each building we’ve constructed.

Aaura Buildcon employs industry experts to look into the smallest details of every stage of construction so the output is never short of perfect. It’s not surprising that Aaura Buildcon's standards are now emulated as benchmarks internationally and its dedication to quality has earned it the honor of being one of the emerging Real Estate Development Companies in Central India.